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Saturday, February 22, 2014 marked Day 2 of Destination Star Trek Germany, a convention held in Frankfurt, Germany to celebrate Star Trek fandom. Members of Wikia's German staff were on hand covering the event for Trek Initiative. Here's some of what they saw!

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Captain James T. Kirk himself, William Shatner, was on hand at Destination Star Trek to talk about everything from life, death, God, and, of course, Star Trek. "The Shat," as he's sometimes affectionately called, shared anecdotes from his life, particularly his love of animals, before talking about Star Trek and his career. Will he return as Captain Kirk? Doubtful, but it wouldn't be impossible. What about his feelings towards Star Trek? He doesn't feel a sense of responsibility for it, but he does believe in and admire the ideals that the show put forward. Shatner then talked about his music career, including his new album "Pondering the Mystery," and even his new show "Shatner's World." Bill also talked about his online presence and how much he enjoys engaging with his fans on Twitter.

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