“In 2270 most populations of New Humans departed Earth en masse to found a new colony on the Class M planet Dowa in the Alpha Quadrant near the border of the Gorn Confederation. Emigrating to Dowa was also an escape from Earth and the individualistic old humans and alien species for whom we New Humans hold little respect. The Federation is a collection of primitive cultures too savage to govern their laws and defend their boundaries without the use of the Starfleet military. And Starfleet is the worst of all—a military force within the Federation that is so blinded by the empty glory of exploration that it is not even self-aware or honest enough to admit that it is in fact an armed armada. ‘We come in peace,’ they always say, and this from the bridge of a starship with multiple phaser banks and photon torpedo tubes. Starfleet is the greatest shame of the Federation. But on Dowa, free to live in groups as we were meant to, we have no need for Starfleet or the Federation. Today, one hundred years since we first settled on Dowa, we New Humans are about to make the Giant Leap Forward and nothing from the past shall impede us.” Mother Star, Voice of the New Humans, excerpt from her “Century Proclamation.”

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Gene Roddenberry's NEW HUMANS

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Star Trek: The Motion Picture Novelization

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