Dedicated to the visionary designers who drew Star Trek into being. From Trek schematics to designs, plans, models, charts and much more, this page offers all the links you need to fulfill the inner engineer. Beam right in and feel free to add further links you may know of.


BrandonM 3D Design[N 1] 3D models of Trek Ships.
CardassiaPrimera[N 2] Starship Bridge interior schematics.
DerToerke deviantart Star Trek Schematics on deviantart.
Ex Astris Scientia Complete Star Trek ship datbase.
Gilso Star Trek Schematics Trek schematics, blueprints, charts, plans and more!
John's Star Trek Universe Schematics and much more.
LCARS Star Trek Blueprints An extensive gathering of official and non-official Star Trek blueprints and manuals.
Mateen's 3D Graphics Star Trek 3D animations.
Memory Beta Trek ship schematic collection.
Modeler Magic Doug Drexler Star Trek models and links.
Neutral Zone Starship database and search engine.
New Gallery of Art 90's Star Trek spaceship schematics.
Outpost10f Interactive Starbase schematic.
Riley Dynamics Shipyards Starship schematics and designs.
Spike's Trek Site Interiors and comparison charts.
Star Trek Tactical Combat Simulator Trek ship indexes and more.
Starship Schematic Database Comprehensive collection of Starship and Trek spacecraft designs.
Star Trek Star Trek Voyager specifications and schematics.
Utopia Planitia Shipyard Schematics and blueprints of Trek craft.

Schematic LinksEdit


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