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Worf Chronicles

"The Worf Chronicles" is the tentative title for a potential new Star Trek television program that Trek legend Michael Dorn has been developing and pitching to Paramount/CBS. It is been referred to as "Captain Worf" by the fan community.

The premise revolves around Worf in a position of command in the Klingon Empire. It would deal their struggle to hold on to their ways while making progress, integrating with the Federation.

Initial Fan ResponseEdit


#WeWantWorf movementEdit


The #WeWantWorf social media icon

On April 25 of 2015, journalist Dan Deevy announced the #WeWantWorf campaign. Deevy has championed the project with two interviews with Dorn previously, the second of which inspired his Mini-Muffin fueled #WeWantWorf campaign that will take place from May 1st to May 31st.[1]



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