Day 2 of the Creation Star Trek convention brought a number of stars to the show, including John de Lancie (Q, Star Trek: The Next Generation), Robert Picardo (The Doctor, Star Trek: Voyager), and more. The big panel we went to was with Dominic Keating, who played armory officer Malcolm Reed on Star Trek: Enterprise. He got right into it with questions from the audience, who asked him all about his experience on Enterprise. He told three big stories he told:

  • Dominic's first story was about how he didn't like the name Malcolm, which he said was an American's idea of what a British man's name would be. Instead, Dominic liked the name Simon Reed. Ultunately, though, the name Malcolm was kept, but his dislike did make it into the show; in the episode "Shuttlepod One," Malcolm tells T'Pol (in a dream) that he "never much cared for the name Malcolm. Always seemed a bit too stuffy." Still, he very much enjoyed Malcolm Reed, name disagreements aside.
  • Did you know that Scott Bakula, who played Captain Jonathan Archer on Enterprise, was in a Canada Dry commercial? He sang and dance with some Canada Dry, and this commercial was later aired on The Rosie O'Donnell Show when Scott was promoting Enterprise. The day after the show aired, the computer guy on the Enterprise crew rigged all of the computers on the bridge to play that commercial. When Scott walked onto the set, the video played and everyone had Canada Dry. Dominic said it was one of his favorite practical jokes. Here's one of the commercials:
Scott Bakula Canada Dry Commercial01:04

Scott Bakula Canada Dry Commercial

  • He couldn't remember the name of the episode, but Dominic told the story of a guest actor who was playing a Vulcan on the show. The actor was ill-prepared, he was very nervous, and seemed to generally not want to be there. After lunch, after his unpreparedness pushed the schedule behind, no one could find the guest actor. They all went looking for him, and finally they found his Vulcan ears in a dumpster, where he threw them before he went back to his car and left. Those ears were then pinned to the wall in a crew office, where they remained for the entire run of the show, and Dominic joked he always wished he had taken them because he could make a fortune off of them on Ebay.

What was your favorite Malcolm Reed moment? Let us know in the comments below!

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