Happy Star Trek Day!

For the uninitiated out there, the sci-fi fan community has dubbed Sept. 8 as Star Trek Day. For it was on this day in 1966 that the first episode of The Original Series -- “The Man Trap” -- debuted on NBC. What happened next was a phenomenon unrivaled by any other franchise (fans of that galaxy far, far away may argue me on this point).

In celebration of this milestone, we thought it appropriate to announce the launch of an exciting enterprise (get it?) on the Trek Initiative. I’m hoping you’ve already heard about our Warp 5.0 campaign -- if not, here’s the official boiler plate... “In 2016, Star Trek will be celebrating its 50th anniversary. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Wikia's Trek Initiative will be launching a branded two-year campaign: ‘Warp 5.0: Fandom's two-year Trek toward sci-fi's golden anniversary.’ The campaign will be made up of several programming initiatives (things like Star Trek-themed Qwizards and Showcases with celebrity talent, a massive character bracket tournament, a fan film contest, etc.) and will incorporate presences at several live events over the course of the two years.”

Perhaps the most exciting program we’ve launched (at least to me, anyway) is our Star Trek “Fan Census.” It’s the world's first and only chronicle -- one that will live in perpetuity -- of Star Trek fandom. Participants are asked to look directly into a camera and record their name, where they're from, why they're a Trek fan, and what their favorite Trek memory is. You may be familiar with the campaign already, as we launched it back in August at the Star Trek Las Vegas convention. However, today I’m happy to announce that we’ve launched an online submission tool that allows YOU to capture (assuming you have a webcam, tablet or smartphone) your fan census video and upload it directly to the Trek Initiative right from the comfort of your own home. We’re hoping this easy to use product will open the floodgates on submissions and truly make this a record of fandom the likes of which have never been seen before.


So what’re you waiting for?


Just like Scott Bakula -- a.k.a. Captain Jonathan Archer -- did (you can watch his census video below).

And click here to see all the submissions that’ve been made to date by fans just like you.