What happened after Wesley joined the Traveler in their voyages through space and time? Star Trek Traveler takes place after their journeys together. They now have a small starship capable of traversing the multiverse and their mission is to bring as much positive change to divergent timelines as possible. The Traveler, working in secret with the Department of Temporal Investigations and Section 31, has designed the USS Traveler (NX - 4D) to voyage through the multiverse. The ship is composed of transparent duranium, allowing the crew to experience the stars around them. A transwarp ring propels the ship faster than any Starfleet vessel before it. The Guardian of Forever has been installed on the bridge, much to its consternation. The helmsman is a manic-depressive drug-addicted Vulcan with the ability to see other timelines. The navigator is an intelligent Kzinti female with an instinctive sense of direction. And Q has been ordered by the Continuum to keep tabs on the Traveler crew and to act as advisor--but doesn't always show up for duty. Their mission is impossible and quixotic, but pursued with the same passion for exploration as the finest crews in Federation history. The multiverse is also patrolled by a dangerous species called the Myriad, who relentlessly pursue the USS Traveler and attempt to undo any good changes the crew has made. Captain Wesley Crusher proves himself as he leads his small crew into the unknown...

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