Hasbro has a pair of treats in store for Star Trek fans. On Tuesday, a number of Star Trek themed KRE-O toys found their way to retail locations across the country, marking the first time Star Trek has been made available as an official building set. There are a number of sets, but most notable is an 18-inch U.S.S Enterprise, complete with warp engines that actually light up and a bridge where you can play with the included Star Trek characters. There are a total of 12 sets, one of which is available exclusively at Toys 'R' Us.

Check out the all of the sets on Hasbro's online store.

Additionally, Hasbro teamed up with Bad Robot to create a (very cool) stop motion animated Star Trek short, featuring sets and figures from the new line. Check out the video below!

KRE-O STAR TREK Stop Motion Digital Short03:38

KRE-O STAR TREK Stop Motion Digital Short

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