The first Star Trek Fan Census is here! We want YOU to make a video about why you love the show and your favorite Trek memory so that you can be a part of fan history. It's easy to submit your video. Take a look at Natalija Nogulich -- a.k.a. Admiral Nechayev from TNG and DS9. Here's Natalija talking about her love of Trek, and her favorite moment -- a scene she filmed with Patrick Stewart...

Star Trek Fan Census - Nataljia Nogulich01:18

Star Trek Fan Census - Nataljia Nogulich

Dozens of fans just like you have already provided their stories, and we've also gotten some fun celebrity submissions, too - like Scott Bakula! Check 'em out.

ICYMI: Star Trek Fan Census is the world's first and only chronicle -- one that will live in perpetuity -- of Star Trek fandom.

Don't wait! Make your video now and be counted!


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