It has been way to long and we were getting a bit homesick for our Trek Initiative friends so we decided to post this blog, let everyone know how much we appreciate them and give you a quick update on what's going on with Roddenberry these days.  

We are currently working on a number of projects in and outside of Star Trek, all of which we are very excited about.  

Our newest creation, WORTH, just launched as a graphic novel.  We are very proud of it and Star Trek fans have given us some great feedback in regard to its inclusion the same Roddenberry Spirit that was in Star Trek.  A short synopsis is below but on a larger scale we wanted to tackle the ever-relevant issue of man's relationship with technology with this one.  We hope you check it out and that you enjoy it.  If you are feeling skeptical you can always get the first chapter for free through Comixlogy .  

WORTH is the dynamic story of Grant Worth, Motor City’s most iconic hero. During the 1960s, his mechanopathy (the power to control machines, from cars to guns) made him a legend in Detroit, bringing him fame, adulation and prosperity through early adulthood. However, in the late 20th century technology evolved by leaps and bounds with the advent of computer chips, motherboards and microprocessors. Unable to break through the maze of 1s and 0s that became the gateway to most machinery, Grant Worth found his unique ability becoming obsolete. He went from super-hero to somewhat-normal. WORTH traces the heartfelt quest for redemption of a super-hero who is no longer so super.

More to come soon, but for now we wish you all well.  Live long & prosper.

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