Starfleet Command members keep Star Trek alive in their communities as often as possible and have so much fun doing it. With this blog, I hope to be able to share some of that fun through pictures, videos and reports of our involvement in local events. 

     With the upcoming premiere of "Star Trek: Into Darkness", we will be out in full force. One Chapter, USS Gorkon; Ingals, Indiana, has warped into action. Proceeds from the event will go to 'Gleaner's Food Bank' of Indiana. 

They will be at the Hamilton 16 IMAX Theater on ......

Friday May 17th at 8:00 PM, ...Saturday May 18th 1 PM, 5 PM and ... 9PM and again on Sunday May 19th at 3 PM. There will be a cookiing contest, a costume contest and an after viewing adult's only party. 

If you are in the area, stop in, shout Qapla' offer them your support and enjoy.
Into Darkness Promo01:13

Into Darkness Promo


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