Greeetings, fellow Trek-Wikians! We've received some great user feedback on our Alpha & Beta Quadrants Map Project, so - you wanted it? You got it!

We now have an updated version featuring more landmarks, more pin choices, a higher level of accuracy on the map - which is now based more closely on the Star Trek: Star Charts reference material, and a larger overall format enabling more room for adding pins! We've also eliminated the fan-fiction elements. There are simply too many different fan-fic storylines to pull from, and it's just not fair to include some but not all of them (it would be impossible to add them all).


More landmarks:

More pin choices available for:

New territories

We've been geeking out adding our favorite landmarks and moments, and fans like you have started joining in on the fun!
Click here for a location reference map to help get your bearings.

It's really interesting to see a visual representation of the different Trek event locations - did you realize how close the forbidden planet Talos IV was to the Xindi first contact site? Or how close the Khitomer colony was to Rura Penthe? Jump on in and add your own favorite Trek moments from Memory Alpha, you might just realize a connection you'd never thought of before. We certainly have!

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