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Great news, Trek fans! The first and only official Star Trek Fan Census has been upgraded! Previously, we were limited to accepting only videos of 10MB file size or smaller, but we've now doubled that in order to accommodate videos up to 20MB!

If you hadn't heard already, we want YOU to make a video about why you love the Star Trek universe, and share your favorite Trek memory so that you can be a part of fan history. It's easy to submit your video, dozens of fans just like you have already provided their stories, and we've also gotten some other fun celebrity submissions, too - like Captain Archer himself, Scott Bakula! Check 'em out!

In case you missed the original post - Star Trek Fan Census is the world's first and only chronicle -- one that will live in perpetuity -- of Star Trek fandom:

Standup, be counted and record your Fan Census video!

Help us represent all of Star Trek's fandom by participating in the world's only STAR TREK CENSUS – your first opportunity to take part in our Warp 5.0 celebration. And while you're sending in your videos from home, we'll be recording Star Trek stories from attendees at live events across the globe.

It's easy, just look directly into your camera (no need to get fancy – a simple webcam will do) and state your name, where you're from (city & state –or– city & country), why you're a Trek fan, and your favorite Trek memory.

Videos should be NO MORE THAN two-and-a-half minutes in length. Next, click on the “Submit Your Video” button below and follow the 3 simple steps that appear. Ta-dah! You are now a part of Star Trek History! Feel free to record in your native language, just let us know what language that is on the submission form. We want this to be a TRULY worldwide Fan Census. Or not.

Know someone else who's a big Trekkie? Now spread the word and make sure their voice is heard. Share the Fan Census on Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else Star Trek fans are gathering! Go here to submit:

Don't wait! Make your video now and be counted!

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