Greetings, fellow (21 and older) Trek Wikians!

If you hadn't already heard, the good folks at the Federation of Beer have already gifted the Star Trek fan community with "Vulcan Ale" (not to be confused with Romulan Ale), but the latest reports indicate that the Klingons will be joining the Federation very soon. "Klingon Warnog," a modern Dunkelweizen style ale infused with rye, wheat, and caramel malts, is set to debut later this year, the real question - is your blood thick enough to try this warrior's brew?

If you're not familiar with the Federation of Beer

From the official site:
It began in the small town of Vulcan, Alta.,Canada, pop. 1,836 (the official Star Trek capital of Canada). The townspeople hold an annual Star Trek convention — Spock Days— celebrating the fact the character (played by actor Leonard Nimoy) was born on the far off planet of Vulcan (god of fire on Roman myth). At the event in 2012, Dr.Richard Weger ran into his now-partners, Calgarians Paul Carreau, a retired Canadian military veteran, and Vern Raincock, a beer marketer for Delancey Direct Incorporated (importer of craft beer into Western Canada). All three were drinking beer, talking about Star Trek (being avid geeks of the franchise) and thought the TV program deserved a good ale. Their Season One Episode One beer "Vulcan Ale" was first released in Canada and corresponded with the premiere of the "Star Trek Into Darkness".

The Federation's Prime Directive: to produce high quality Craft Beer, to honour Gene Roddenberry's legacy, and to unite both Star Trek and Craft Beer fans.

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