STAR TREK CAPTAIN WORF - Teaser Trailer WeWantWorf01:47

STAR TREK CAPTAIN WORF - Teaser Trailer WeWantWorf

Greetings, fellow Trek-Wikians!

There has been a lot of talk lately - some encouraging, some less so - about the possibility of a new STAR TREK series on TV (where it belongs!). Lots of rumors, tons of hearsay, but at least one campaign is determined to... *ahem* "Make it so!"


The premise of this proposed series revolves around Worf in a position of command in the Klingon Empire. It would deal their struggle to hold on to their ways while making progress, and integrating with the Federation.

Now, we've already seen Worf in action a million times in The Next Generation, and we've seen him command the Defiant brilliantly in Deep Space Nine, so why not make this a reality? Worf is one of the most beloved characters in TNG, and Michael Dorn brings 100% credibility to this role, and to a potential series as well. What intrigues me the most with this project, is the fact that we're always seeing things from the Starfleet perspective. This would be new territory, where we gain all new insight into the Klingon Empire, and the internal struggles that are often little more than a footnote in the storylines of the previous TV series.


Fan response has been positive so far, one "Captain Worf" facebook page already has over 15,000 likes, while another similarly-themed page has racked up 7,000 of its own likes.

On April 25, 2015, journalist Dan Deevy announced the #WeWantWorf campaign, in support of Michael Dorn's (tentatively titled) Star Trek: Captain Worf project. Dorn has been developing and pitching the concept to Paramount/CBS, and Deevy has championed the project with two interviews with Dorn previously, the second of which inspired his Mini-Muffin fueled #WeWantWorf campaign that is taking place now through May 31st.


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