First Ever Official Star Trek™ Cruise Set to Sail the Caribbean in January 2017
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You read that right - the very first official Star Trek: The Cruise is coming. The voyage will set sail on January 2017 and promises to be a completely immersive experience for everyone who has ever loved the television shows or films – or both.

What is in store for 2,200 lucky fans?

  • ”Risa” – Star Trek: The Cruise will take over a private island in the Caribbean and rename it the coastal resort of Suraya Bay on the pleasure planet Risa.
  • Performances by the stars of Star Trek:
William Shatner helms an “Evening with William Shatner.”
Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis collaborate on “Love Letters.”
Denise Crosby tap dancing, James Darren (Vic Fontaine) will lead a concert, Robert Picardo will play Star Trek Family Feud...

And of course, the parties:

Holo Nights Deck Party Under the Stars
John de Lancie will host Q’s Masquerade Ball
Risa’s Festival of the Moon Celebration
Starfleet Intergalactic Gala

Cabin prices include tickets to all of the parties, major activities and onboard performances.

Word about the cruise spread during the official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas earlier this month, prompting 75% of the cabins on the cruise to sell in the two weeks before today’s official announcement.

Get your reservations now, before the cruise is completely booked!

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