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After asking around, it seems that a lot of users - and fans in general - still aren't aware of our latest initiative: The Star Trek Fan Census. This is part of our Warp 5.0 campaign in association with leading up the the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek!

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We're really excited about the census, because it gives YOU - the fans - the unique opportunity to be a part of something truly special. Personally, some of my earliest and fondest memories involve watching The Original Series with my father every Saturday @ 7pm on "channel 11" - a TV time-slot that will forever be ingrained in my memory. I know a lot of my fellow fans out there have similarly fond memories, and this is our chance to be a part of Trek history by sending some love back to Roddenberry Inc., the franchise itself, and all who have ever been a part of bringing Star Trek to us in its various forms.

Think about what Star Trek means to you, and then take a moment to share your story with your fellow fans by clicking the button below.

See all the latest Fan Census submissions HERE including those from Rod Roddenberry and Star Trek: Enterprise's Scott Bakula!

Share your favorite Star Trek moments with the social tag #TrekTuesday!

To see all "Trek Tuesday" segments - click here!

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