Greetings, Trek Wikians!

This should initially be a pretty easy one for most of you:
What is this, and what series/episode is it from?
Trek-Initiative Thursday-Trivia 001

Now for the tricky part, can you name the series in which this prop was reused? Bonus question- which episode(s)?

The Exocomp prop was first seen in its original role in The Next Generation season 6 episode "The Quality of Life."

Almost exactly ten years later, though painted silver now, the prop was used again in the Enterprise season 2 episode "Dead Stop" as a medical apparatus on the mysterious to-good-to-be-true alien repair station. It can be seen again in this series in the season 2 episode "Future Tense," and one last time in a computer file as a Xindi device in the season 3 episode "Anomaly."

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