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Hello again!

Thursday Trivia is back by popular demand here on Trek Initiative, so let's get right to it!

The production crews of the various Trek incarnations were famous for reusing props, and trying to spot them was an aspect of the shows I always thought was sort of fun, especially as a kid. Here we are again with a fairly well-known prop, this time from The Original Series. First, name the "character" this prop was originally used for.
Now, name the episode, and for the bonus: tell us the details regarding the reuse of this prop.
Comment below with your answers!

*Hint* this prop (or parts of it) was re-used in a total of three TOS episodes...

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Congrats to User:MarkListon and User:Bigbengalman1 for correctly identifying the subject and appearances!

The original "character" was actually a merged hybrid of the earth probe Nomad and an alien probe called Tan Ru. This prop was first seen in its original role in The Original Series season 2 episode "The Changeling." Later, pieces of the original prop were used to build the Romulan Cloaking device seen in the TOS season 3 episode The Enterprise Incident, and in the TOS season 3 episode Requiem for Methuselah.


A special thanks to User:MarkListon for pointing out the re-use of the sphere from the cloaking device in "The Enterprise Incident" for Sargon's sphere in Return to Tomorrow. While this was not a piece of the original "Nomad" prop, it's still a great piece of trivia that's very relevant to this post. Trek-Initiative Thumbs-up 01

Additionally, I'm inspired to note that the "setting" piece for Sargon's sphere was re-used in the TOS episode "All Our Yesterdays" as a tripod.

Great work, and we hope to hear from you both in our next installment!

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