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Welcome back!

Thursday Trivia is back by popular demand here on Trek Initiative, so let's get right to it!

The people have spoken, and the fans want more! Also, we love prop trivia, there's no denying it. :P

This week, a non-character prop, but one that was used in at least four different The Original Series episodes. Scotty looks puzzled here, but can you name all the episodes it was used in?
Comment below with your answers!

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This heat sink-looking prop originally appeared as a nanopulse laser in the TOS season 2 episode I, Mudd. It was then reused twice that season as a sickbay prop in back-to-back episodes (from a production standpoint), first in Obsession, and then again in The Immunity Syndrome. Its fourth and final appearance was in the season 3 episode Elaan of Troyius as a prop in engineering - possibly combined with the Sargon sphere from Return to Tomorrow which was mentioned in our last Thursday Trivia blog.

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