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Heads-up, Trek Wikians:

Trek Radio is sending a team on location to provide coverage of Destination Star Trek (DST) on February 21-23. Tomorrow (February 8), DST/Media 10 will be joining Trek Radio in studio for an interview about the convention. In addition to talking about the exciting panels, parties and concerts (Tim Russ Band & Enterprise Blues Band), they will be giving away a pair of standard admission tickets on February 8 at 9pm GMT (4pm EST, 1pm PST) to the convention in Frankfurt, Germany.

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Listeners can “Tune in to WIN!” by visiting or you can type in your favorite media player or app. Their DJs will read off 5 trivia questions during the broadcast. A winner will be drawn randomly from the pool of correct answers sent to and announced via social media on Monday, February 10. Follow Trek Radio on Facebook ( and Twitter (@TrekRadio).
Who are the best Trek fans?
Tune in, and I want to hear back in the comments below that one of YOU won! Good luck!!
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