• XEAN

    A Brief History of Xean

    June 3, 2013 by XEAN

    Contributions and momentous occasions of note by Xean

    2013-8-21- Created Flickr Page.

    2013-6-21- Created Infographics page, establishing the largest Star Trek infographics collections online with over 25 infographs culled through extensive research. Updated Trek in the News page on STI and pages on STO wikia.

    2013-6-20- Created Map page in TIw. Edited and added cover photo to Fan Fiction page.

    2013-6-13- Edited Star Trek Online page in STOw.

    2013-6-6- Edited pages in Pure Science and Star trek online wikias. Edited wikia's Entertainment category to remove a duplicate link.

    2013-6-6- Successfully created first page, Automotive, on Trek Initiative; with slideshow, links and text. Edited text in Trek in the World category page.

    2013-6-5- Organised and added cover p…

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  • XEAN

    Welcome to Wikia!

    May 28, 2013 by XEAN

    Ok so your new. So am I. What's the first thing thing we should do?

    Get out of our chairs, jump around the room and hop on the bed screaming I got Wikia, I'm in I'm in! Yayayayayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! :)

    lol, Now that the celebration is over, let's see what we really need to know for starters. What do I need to know. Well, I'd like to know the basics. The early times should be about learning and exploring. Or is it the other way around? Well, here's what I've learned and the things YOU should know when starting out on Wikia:

    - Know how to sign your name the easy way at the end of your posts by typing 4 tilde symbols (~). It's quick, simple and sort of wiki etiquette.

    - Learn your page layout. Shouldn't be too difficult, but get acquainted w…

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